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4/24/08 - Good For Nothing

Good For Nothing

What!? 'n stuff


HOLY COW! Has it really been two years since our last update? I am so sorry. Thank you to all the people who still check the site. Your dilligence will be rewarded.

Huh!? 'n things

Oh holy crap! We are back in action, business, the game, and sometimes the unformally known... "out of the basket."

But I digress, We here at earplugz took a little bit of a "I have a life now that Ive graduated college and have to pay bills" hiatus. But now, 50 years later, we decided to update you with more randomness you wont understand unless you know us or have some type of universal psychic link to our minds... which if you do...dont abuse it. We know where you live. -mind tracer- =.= yes! we are on to your little game -coughmikecough-

anyhowitzer Welcome back old friends and new comers.

MP quote of the week:
"Well you could call me dennis."
"I didnt know you were called dennis"
"Well you didnt bother to find out now did you!"

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