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3/15/06 - Bushido Blade 2

Blood Splatter = Roses

What!? 'n stuff


Hullo eveyone. I fear I must beg your forgiveness for the tardyness of the update. This is an old comic and is kind of crappy, but we don't have any new comics to put up.

In news this week, I have decided that I need money right now more than I need education, so I have decided to withdraw from school for the rest of the semester and work. I have been helping my fiance plan our wedding and not enjoying it.

So, in a recap, I quit school (no homework horay!!!) and am helping plan my wedding.

till next time.

"Jane, how many guns you plan on taking, you only have the two hands."
"Well I was just getting exciteable as to choice."
- Mal and Jane, Serenity -

Huh!? 'n things

Hello all you people in the internets! Schools been keepin me buzy so I havent had much time to get alot done outside of school. Im working on a new story for my thesis. My screenwriting teacher told me I basically have nothing, when I presented my script and ideas to the class monday. So I took the critacism and Im hoping to come up with some sweet new ideas. The hard thing is comming up with a convincing plot. So Im working with scraps I come up with but nothing too eventful or orgional. I cant even steal anybodys Ideas

MP quote of the week.
"Don't call me seņor! I'm not a Spanish person. You must call me Mr Biggles, or Group Captain Biggles or Mary Biggles if I'm dressed as my wife, but never seņor."

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