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2/16/06 - Falling


What!? 'n stuff


Not much to write about this week. I added a page to show our t-shirt designs. They're not for sale yet but maybe soon. The link is up at the top in the menu.

Till next week.

"'This landing's going to get pretty interesting.'
'Define interesting.'
'Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die'"
- Mal and Wash, Serenity -

Huh!? 'n things

Ok this weeks comic is brought to you by my Photoshop class today. I slacked off on actually working on it. And the teacher didnt seem to mind, but since I already knew the stuff he was teaching I did the comic while doing the in class work. So enjoy! Classes are up again for another 8 weeks. but I still have pleanty of time to work on my music and art. looking for new things in life... like say... a girlfriend!

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