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12/7/05 - Shrinking Frame 4

Frame Shrink 4

What!? 'n stuff


Hey everyone. I've been sick and busy with school lately. I was fighting a fever last week and then got a sore throat that turned out to be an abscess. So now I'm taking antibiotics the size of horse pills, but they are helping me get better so it's all good.

I have also been trying to do my school work, but not getting very much done. I may not pass one of my classes this semester and I am kind of frusterated. It seems like I make bad decisions everyday.

Till next week, Stay Frosty.

"I'm gonna be sore in the morning."
- Hellboy -

Huh!? 'n things

Hollywood is alllll about business... a very badly run business. Run by assholes, jerks, people makin more $$ than youll ever see in a lifetime sitting on their asses getting paid to say no. If you dont have money you cant do anything. Unless you are mega lucky. You cant express your art unless you have a butt-load of cash. But dont let that discourage you.
One of my teachers has been preaching this to us since our first class with him. Its a freaking buisiness hes says. Well its all true. You wouldnt believe how insanely expensive everything is. Its just wrong. Actors sallerys, permits, rental fees, equipment, crews, and even craft sevices. In a project we are to recreate a movie. Spoof a blockbuster by fliping it insideout. That means completely reversing the genere from horror to happy kids movie. Comedy to drama. hiering new cast and crew. under a 2 million dollar budget. you have no idea how incredably limiting that is. thats like nothing in this business. given the raw materials in production I can cut costs for a low budget movie but when it comes to people and equipment, Im out of luck. and thats not counting advertising and distributing. Thats literrally half your budget. but like they say its all business.
Keep your connections.

MP Quote of the week.
"I think cement is more interesting than people think."
-Prof. Enid Gumby

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