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11/2/05 - Shrinking Frame 2

Frame Shrink 2

What!? 'n stuff


Hey everyone, how are you likeing the comic. I had the idea that i could start emailing people when I update the comic. Would anyone be interested in that? Let me know.

I have been watching the anime Hellsing and I think it's really cool. For a while now I have been a big fan of vampire and zombie movies and shows.

Anyway, thats all for this week. See ya kids.

Huh!? 'n things

OK! I started school monday, It was a blast. Film school is so awsome. We got to check out Canon XL2's to do our first project thats due on monday. Its so awsome!! I love this hands on get everything done stuff! Unlike before with alllll the waiting. No offense to you guys back home. ^^ (they plot to kill kevin).....Anyway, Schools started and I got my self a roommate. An indian room mate. He cooks alot and it smells horribly spicey all the time. The room is filled with spices, and my bodys reacting badly too it. It really only goes away when I cook something and turn on all the vents in the apartment :P cause theres no circulation in the room. Schools off to a great start. And Im looking forward to The year. I havent been sleeping alot recently. I layed in bed for about 3 hours last night trying to get to sleep >> but I hope to be getting more sleep soon so I can be rested for the long hours at school. Until next week. Stay frosty!


MP quote of the week:
"No Mungo! Never kill the customer!"
-Head waiter

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