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9/22/05 - Nigel was a goth?!


What!? 'n stuff


So Kevin just sent me a new comic to post, I hope you like it. It's late and I can't think of anything to write, so more later.

Huh!? 'n things

I HATE PEOPLE. Except for my friends... And some other
people... And George Lucas...BUT! I HATE PEOPLE. jeez.
At work the managers made me work both sides of the
store again. I work in a supercenter. The place needs
its own zipcodes. So I work in hardware, well this is
the second time they made me go over and stock work on
grocery side. Im over there working on a modular, and
this old lady comes up... 'Do you know when your gonna
get more of your vanillia so and so?' and Im like I
dont know but I can go ask somebod- She cuts me off.
'Forget it! I cant find any decent help in this store!
nobody knows anything.' I dont work on this side of
the store so I dont know where anything is. I go back
to my mod cause I deal with these kinda people all the
time. But the next lady that comes up asks me if we
have this one kind of coffee. Im on the coffee isle
and so I start to walk over to see if we have it or
not. Immediately she assumes I know nothing and starts
carting off 'Oh well you dont know... Im gonna shop
somwhere else!' Im like WTFudge! I can look cant I?!!
So I get called back to hardware cause a lady had a
question about something that wasnt in my dept. By the
time I got there it was already answered by a
customer. >>; So I go back to grocery side and then I
get called to cover a lunch for electronics. I swear I
walk miles a day in that store. And everyone else
complains about how far it is to walk accross the
store. People are so lazy! My co-worker is an ass! he
does nothing and avoids working in his department. Hes
a loser. Any way I hate people. No offense to our
Apart from that Im a pretty nice guy.

Monty Python quote of the week:
"Curse you inspector Dim! You are too smart for us
naughty people!"
-Cardinal Richliou Impersonator, Ron Higgins

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