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9/14/05 - HalfLife is Fun

We Like Halflife

What!? 'n stuff


Yes sir, it sure has been a long time since I last updated. But here it is folks, the newest comic. I had to post an old comic that I had kept in reserve, but There is a new one up. I don't know how many people have kept checking the site during this time of dead-ness but we appreciate it.

Anyway, I plan to talk to Kevin soon and get some more comics drawn so I have some to post.

Again, to all the people who still check our site, we thank you. We would also like to hear from you. Send us an email, or leave a comment in our guest book. Till next time...

"I can't think of a random quote to put up this week."
- Nick Johnson -

Huh!? 'n things

No message from Kevin this week.

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