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4/27/05 - Starwars Celebration!


What!? 'n stuff


So Kevin got to go to the Star Wars convention, but I'll let him tell you about it.

It's crunch time for me here at school. Everything is due here soon. I'm a little overwhelmed.

That's all.

"But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I lay my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams."
- W.B. Yeats -

Huh!? 'n things


I just got back from celebration III, the huge starwars convention! It was so mega awsome I was flippin out man! The first day we get there about 12 and get in line to get in. The lines took foooorrrrevverrrrr. I dunno when we finally got indoors but it was a long time. I was just freaking out seeing all the stormtroopers and and scout troopers and other random starwars characters. All these people dressing up, it was the sweetest thing ever. The next day I got out my costume, which Ill post as soon as I get the pics back. Camo Mandalorian! so awsome! whaaaaaaaaa!
and I got lots of pictures taken of me, in my armor, it was so cool!

that next day we decided to go to the celebration store, the line wait was like 2 hours to get in. you wouldnt believe me but it took about 6 hours to get to the store itself, the line was soooo bad. A big part of it was that the convention center had mostly inexperienced volunteers. They really didnt know how to run the register smoothly and other stuff.... so it took extra long on each person. The next day it rained and it was cold and stupid as I was I didnt bring any long sleeve shirts (except my costume shirt) and I had no jacket. And the guys I went with had no umbrella. So I got my armor alllll wet waiting in line. Now this wouldnt be a problem cause my armor is plastic alll except for my wrist gauntlets. I made em from cardboard and duct tape. They woulda been fine but nooooo it had to rain and make my gauntlets bend out of shape. ok so.

The next day, Saturday, George Lucas was comming. The line was schedualed to start about midnight. When we got there at midnight the line was already half way around the block. We get set up for the night and its cold raining and me with no jacket....and the store was out of hoodies! if they would of sold me a stupid hoodie I would have had something to keep me warm but nooo!!! >> so anyway The security guys decide, hey lets move em. so We are told we cant have the line here, and they make everybody pick up and move somewhere else. Well they lead us half-way around the convention center and I'm wet and cold, and the other security people are like, whats going on? and we are all wondering the same thing. So they take the line we had and cut it into two or three lines, now and people are getting pissed. It's raining. Now Im trying to stay warm and so is everyone around us. its probably about 2am. my friend and I finally found a way to keep warm by putting our 2 chairs together and putting the blanket we had over our heads. And I was about asleep. Then this stupid security lady came up and announced to everybody, OK everyone were gonna take you inside! And everyone is excited about this since its cold and wet and windy at about 3 in the morning well they lead us back around the front of the building, through the cold rain and heavy wind, take us all (about 100 or probably more) people back around the convention center and across the street to one of the hotels. By this time the jokes and things are becomming less and less. The security people combine the George Lucas line with the store line, (about another hundred people) and we are now a meshed angry mass of people. This is what I refer too as the "Death March." The GenCon security took us across the street to where the line was lined up outside in this drive-thing under the hotel. Which I like to call the "Wind Tunnel" It was still raining and the wind went right through this place. I was already so cold I couldn't feel my toes or my fingers, and I was shaking vigerously. So we are stopped in this wind tunnel because the front of the line was stopped around the hotel and we are NOT moving.

The Security people have for some reason disappeared and all we have left is volunteers to tell us whats going on. We ask the volunteers, "Whats going on?" "why aren't we moving?" And they have no idea whats going on either. Nobody knows anything. And every one is freezing. At the moment I've gone into a shaking frenzy, I cant stop shaking Im so cold. My friend tries to help by giving me his jacket, and wraps a blanket around us. I can't stop shivering. Im loosing more and more feeling too. After maybe another hour or so people start to take action. This lady we were talking to left and came back and got me my friend and his dad out of line. She told us to come so we did, and followed her across the street to this place with an elevator that lead to a sky walk into the convention center. At this point I'm close to hypothermia, and we finally get inside maybe sometime around 5. and we still met with resistance at the doors to the convention center, because nobody knew what was going on. Needless to say, they finally got everyone in, got me wrapped up warm. The lady said I hit the floor once I got inside, and they sectioned us off into rooms in the convention center. We then waited until it was time to go see George Lucas.

But apart from that huge f*** up the Gen Con people
made, it was all great and awsome!
I met lots of awsome Star Wars people there. I saw lots of great costumes. And I met Michelle who I would like to thank soooooo much for helping me with my armor.
The last day we made the most of it, watchin fanfilms and hangin out with all the people at the convention.

So what did I get in all this....?
I got to see some of Star Wars Episode III before you did :D

MP quote of the day.
"Not now there's violence to be done!"

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