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4/20/05 - White! (Lazy Artist)


What!? 'n stuff


So the gloves plot is over and we have gone back to complete randomness. So...Huzza! Wait, that means that we have to start drawing comics again. Crap. Oh well.

The comic posted for this week is a comic that I came up with a long, long, long time ago. Has it really been two (well, one and a half) years since we started the comic. It is all thanks to the Droobers donut shop in Newton, Kansas. With the help of their late hours and sugar filled pastries we have come up with some of our most funny comics. Thank you, Droobers, for you help in our comic endeavor.

"But what about the R.O.U.Ses?" "Rodents of unusual size, I don't believe they exist...OOF!"
- Buttercup and Westly from the Princess Bride -

Huh!? 'n things

Im headed off tonight for what maybe the opportunity of a life time. ^^ Im gonna dress up as a Starwars person and hang out with people who do the SAME THING! ......this weekend. CELEBRATION!!!!!! .....3. I'm leaving for a Star Wars Con all you people. Maybe I will return with a SW comic. May the force be with you.

MP quote of the week.
"Your mother was a hampster, and your father smelt of

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