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4/8/05 - Manga Style Comic

Manga style

What!? 'n stuff


This is the second to last comic in the plot line, people, so after next week we will get back to our "normal" randomness. I really need to get working again and come up with some new comics to put up.

In other news, I turned 21 on Monday. That is correct, I am now officially 21 years old. That means that I could legally go out and drink if I wanted to (which I don't). I think I would be an angry drunk because I am always so negative and a friend told me that getting drunk only increases your normal mood. So that means happy people become happy drunks and sad people become sad drunks. Also, I am glad that I don't go out and get drunk with my friends because most of them would be angry drunks.

Anyway, life goes on. There is not much difference now that I'm 21 from when I was 20. I don't feel any different. I just think about how 21 years of my life has gone by and I don't really remember half the stuff that happened.

So, with all that said, Happy Late Update Day (cause it's Friday and I usually update on Wednesday).

"Look at the limes,look how they float. That's good news, if I am ever in a boat that's sinking I will reach for a lime. People will come to rescue me and I will be floating and they'll be like 'how did you do that' and I'll pull out a lime. I am saved by the buoyancy of citrus."
- Mitch Hedburg -

Huh!? 'n things

I have decided I hate cell phone companys. I havent gotten one accurate bill since last year, so I have to keep calling them up and telling them... "Oh I wasnt here." "I dont know anybody who lives in Arizona!" And they are like well you picked up another signal from someone elses tower. >>; why do you let that happen? Roaming? I was never in a roaming area let alone leave town for the last 2 months! Stupid humans I wanna kill them all! No offense to our readers.

Rejoice you have been spared!

Anyway........Working on a new movie, gun slingin' car chasin' action! No idea what it will be called till we get done with it. It will be a semi-coninuation of an old movie. lots of cool gunfights n stuff.

MP quote of the day.
"Is it a stock broker?" "Is it a quantity surveyor?" "Is it a church warden?" "NO! It's Bicycle Repair Man!"
-Three Supermen

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