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10/6/04 - Touched by an Angle


What!? 'n stuff


Hey everybody. The comic above is a comic I drew. Yes, Thats right, me, myself. You see, the procedure normally is that Kevin or myself will come up with an idea and sketch it out. Then Kevin draws the final draft and scans it and puts in the dialoge. And that is what gets posted on our site. However, this comic was drawn by me and not cleaned up. OK, I admit that it's pretty hard to mess up drawings of earplugs standing around talking, but my drawings just don't look as clean as Kevin's do.

Anyway, in other news I have decided to start taking martial arts lessons again. I will be taking them from the same instructor that I originally trained with, Keith Howard. He teaches an interesting mix of martial arts styles.

Also, I still haven't heard from any of you readers out there. I'm sure that you visit the site to read the comics and not read my rants, so you probably don't even see my requests for contact, but to those who do read my rant I ask that you please let me know. As I have said before, my email address is on the contact us page and I try to check my email once a day.

One thing to fear: Any type of angry mother

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