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9/27/04 - Evangelion Jokes

No the earplugz are not angsty like Shinji or Rei.

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What!? 'n stuff


Hey all our loyal fans (who I have never heard from...EVER!!!) Anyway, here is an update, on a Monday no less. I am sorry for the delay, but I fell behind in my classes and had to catch up. As those of you who know me know I am the king of procrastination. If I were a super hero procrastination would be my power, and also the ability to control the energy of motion with my mind, but my main power would be procrastination. There would be many villans who would escape becaues I waited to long to leave my secret lair.

Dispite my hostility above, I am a little disapointed that no one emails me. I may not draw the comics, but I maintain the site and help come up with some of the comics. Kevin tells me that alot of people he knows read the comic and complain to him when the comic is not updated. Maybe it would get updated faster if I heard from all our "loyal" readers. My email address is on the contact us page, so write me already.

One thing to fear: Undead Clown Ninjas

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