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2/18/04 - Valentines Day


What!? 'n stuff


Hey everybody, I'm back!!!

Sorry for the long delay, but I have been really busy.  2nd semester classes started and I have been getting into the routine.  I hope to start updating every week again, and I hope to change some of the pages of the site soon.

Now to something else.  This comics strip isn't that dificult to draw, but Kevin and I have been colaborating and he has been drawing the finished strips because they look cleaner than the ones I draw.  I have been thinking that I may try to get some of the comics I have drawn and put them up without having Kevin redraw them.  I hope to get some feedback when I do that so I know what people think.

As always, feel free to send me an email if you have any coments.

One minor note - this strip is a Valintine's day strip.  I would have put it up on Valintine's day, but I was busy and Kevin didn't have it done.

One other note - I just got a new Email address for the site.  Both Kevin and I will check this one so if you want to send both of us mail send it there.