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12/28/03 - A Field?!

the Photocomic

What!? 'n stuff


Sorry the sight has been down for so long.  I was trying to use frontpage to make the site, but it didn't work.  I have gone back to the old way we were doing things.

I am now into my last full week of Christmas break.  I have had several full days of Christmas "fun" with my relatives.  I'm just kidding, it hasn't been that bad.  I got some pretty cool things for Christmas.  I got a guitar from my uncle, the one he originally learned on.  I also got the Two Towers Extended Edition.

Saturday afternoon I went and saw Return of the King at the big Warren theater in Wichita.  I thought it was awesome.  Its kind of sad that that's the last one of the series.  Maybe they might make the Hobbit into a movie.

My ankle still hurts, and I may not be able to go on the trip I was wanting to go on in January.  I am not giving up hope on going yet, but its slowly fading.

With this comic you are witnessing a new type of comic we are trying, the Photocomic.  we take pictures of real earplugs and make comics out of them.  Tell us what you think.