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Comment Form Comments

These are the comments sent to us by our readers using the comment form. Enjoy!

name: keilo
comment: the strip never ceases to amaze and amuse me. plasma grenades are better than dynamite and a rocket laucher or sword is better yet. MORE DESTRUCTION!! sry. going through halo 2 withdrawls. *erk, twitch* humans are stupid and must be eliminated, sometimes. yes i am feeling violent. tee hee. any who,i have gone off on a random tangent, so enjoy snickering and my expense!

name: Lori
comment: Welcome back Nick!!!! I needed my earplugz fix!!!

name: Caitlin Q
comment: uhhm.... *poke* hello?

name: Ruth
comment: Not a bad web site I will have to visit it again. I found it by trying to look up who sponsored the old shampoo commercial that went something liek...and they told two friends and they told two friends,,eventually the screen is filled up withmultiple pictures of one person. Any ideas of where to look???

name: refugee
comment: Bearclaws should be called toenuts.

name: Adam S. (the "S" is for "Sod off")
comment: I just thought I'd put this in here so people can see what I wrote in the comments section before (change voice to evil) I BECAME A CHARACTER! That's right folks through rage, extortion, and unprovoked violence, you too can become a character on a little known (for now, MUHAHA!) webcomic... But you also have to be an occasional writer (the spam strip was all me, look for it in the archives). Later, underlings.

name: omgosh!
comment: oh thats so horrible! I LOVE IT!
out of sync hahahaa!

name: keilo
comment: hey hey! always have been and still are a huge fan. earplugz is truely orginal....always good for a chuckle to a good roar. (sweater vest enthuesiest) and yea i cant spell. keep up the good work yall.

name: Kelev
comment: This is a guest, this is only a guest, of the indie webcomic website. If this were a coporate webcomic, this 'sound' would be followed by instructions to buy name-brand clothing.

Nothing down here to read. Sorry.